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Specializing in online paper management and scientific submission and review processes, Linklings offers a robust, feature-rich, and highly-configurable range of online software tools to help you plan a successful conference of any size.

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Why Choose Linklings?

The Linklings platform provides an all-in-one solution for effectively managing the many different needs of conference planning, ensuring a streamlined and high-quality experience for all users.

Top-Tier Peer Review

Get the best possible content for your event. We support a wide variety of review processes, including single- and double-blind processes.

Personal Support

Highly responsive, expert, and personal support that our clients rave about.

Practical Experience

Providing real solutions from years of experience to make the planning process as smooth as possible.

Powerful Software Features

Select from a wide assortment of software features that help you get the job done.

Effective Collaboration

Creating an environment for committee members to efficiently and effectively collaborate and plan.

Flexible Tools

Extremely flexible tools that support almost any conference planning processes.

Helping you plan a successful conference

For over 20 years Linklings has provided full event life-cycle functionality for conferences ranging from small and simple to large, rigorous, and complex. We help your entire conference planning committee to collaborate from one convenient and integrated interface.


Years of service

Our Services

Start with the Submissions and Review Package and select from our add-ons to come up with the perfect solution for your conference management needs.

Submission and Review Package

A paper management system that supports most any submission and review process, including the most rigorous peer review processes.

Online Program Add-on

A responsive and mobile friendly online program that can be added directly into your website

Committee Support Add-on

A feature-rich, internal-type website for conference committee members.

Infrastructure Add-on

Use your resources effectively to make the best possible setting for your presenters and attendees.


The main conference in our research field has been using Linklings for a long time due to the high quality of their services. I had the opportunity to closely work with Linklings in two different editions of this conference and it was a wonderful experience. I cannot imagine a better product and, even more so, I cannot imagine a better service. They are quick and precise solving any issue or question.
F. Chicano Editor-in-Chief of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference 2021
SIGGRAPH, after going through many different systems, each with their own problems, has recently settled on a submission review system built by Linklings, and, personally, I think the Linklings system is by far the best conference review system I’ve used.
A. Hartzmann SIGGRAPH Technical Papers
I'm particularly grateful for Linklings's professionalism in handling a major change request we dropped on them at the last minute due to an oversight on our part. Linklings managed to quickly put code in place that met our requirements and ensured that the submission and review process went as smoothly as possible.
S. Pakin SC Technical Papers Co-Chair
I have had the opportunity to work with Linklings for 2 conferences; and can say that I am extremely satisfied with the system and the outstanding customer service. We are a small organization; and have found that it’s what we need to meet our conference needs. I am especially pleased with the response time and expertise demonstrated when a question is sent to Linklings. It’s a true example of “cost effective” high quality!
A. Smith Sr. Director, Professional Development & Internal Relations | Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired
Linklings has an excellent technology platform, but what really sets them apart is their approach to service. Their staff were fanatically dedicated to understanding our needs and to developing a tool that enables us to put on a fantastic conference.
J. West Conference Chair | Supercomputing Conference (SC)
Working with the Linklings team has been a true pleasure. Not only do they come up with real solutions customizable to your company’s needs, but they also genuinely care about your product. They work with you to create a tool that is cohesive with your company’s vision. I strongly recommend choosing Linklings as your conference management tool.
E. Bolin Programs Associate | Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) Programs
If I asked you how to get to the moon could you also answer that question? I **Love** this web site. You guys never let me down.
R. Lennon Scholarship Applications Chair | ACM WomENcourage
Not only is the tool highly configurable and easy to use, it comes with great features such as powerful report creation, role configuration, and integrated email tools. But the most amazing thing about Linklings is the customer support team. They are available, take the time to really understand our specific needs, and are always ready to work on custom functionalities to come up with solutions. A remarkable team!
B. Richardson Sr. Program Manager, Awards and New Program Development | Anita Borg Institute
We utilize Linklings for a major conference and their technical support team is incredible! We can always count on them to help us get set up, coach us on using their tool and provide technical support when we need it.
K. Mcleod Director of Business Development | Center for Minorities and People with Disabilities in IT (CMD-IT)
There’s always something new to learn on linklings and I’m so glad that you guys are very supportive!
K. Chan CMP, Conference Registrar | Engineering Conferences International
The best part about Linklings is its technical support team, who are very responsive, remain patient with questions no matter how trivial or already-documented they might be, and who truly go above-and-beyond when answering questions or adding custom functionality. These attributes are especially important for really large conferences / meetings, where the Linklings platform shines compared to others.
R. Vuduc Associate Professor | Georgia Institute of Technology
I would recommend Linklings products to any organization that needs the capability to track, report, display and archive multiple types of unstructured data. They have the capability and patience to draw out the real organizational needs and deliver a quality, adaptable, and dynamic result.
K. Wohlever Director of Shared Infrastructure | OH-TECH
I have been using Linklings as part of the conference management for the SC conference for a number of years. The system is very intuitive and although it has a lot of functionality, it is easy to use. It provides a complete management package, much beyond just the paper management available in other systems. Most importantly, Linklings has an incredible user support. Throughout the most intense parts of the conference management times: submissions, reviews, sending out accepts/rejects, Linklings was always available and very, very helpful.

I would highly recommend Linklings to anyone that needs to manage a technical conference.

E. Deelman University of Southern California
The strength of Linklings lies not only in its highly customizable solution but also in its world class technical support team. There is nothing that Linklings can’t handle for technical conference programming and I would strongly recommend any conference to take a closer look at what Linklings has to offer.
S. Badoni Sr. Manager | Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) Programs
Linklings was an invaluable partner as we were assessing and integrating with emerging communication technologies.
I. MacConnell App Development Project Lead | Supercomputing Conference (SC)
We use Linklings to review applications for time on our supercomputer, a process which involves two different kinds of reviews of each application. Linklings is a great service to use and we are highly satisfied with it. Not only does the structure of Linklings provide the complete required functions of a peer review system, but Linklings support was always present at the start to help us tailor and configure certain aspects of the system based on our specific set of requirements.

We have been using Linklings for 4 years now, no issues have appeared and Linklings support is always there and responsive for any alterations to the system we may need.

S. Erotokritou Computing Support Specialist and Cy-Tera and Eastern Mediterranean Production Application Chair | The Cyprus Institute
As the SC Technical Program Chair, I managed a committee of over 400 people, about 200 technical sessions, and multiple review processes for papers, posters, etc. I am writing to let you know that I think Linklings provided exemplary service to the committee and attendees. The Linklings staff and technology did an excellent job, and provided our unusually large event (~13,000 attendees) with responsive, innovative service.
J. Vetter Technical Program Chair | Supercomputing Conference (SC)
We've been very pleased with our relationship with Linklings. The Cray User Group moved from a proprietary and locally maintained submission system to Linklings in 2012 and it's been very beneficial for our volunteer-based organization. The support from Linklings staff has been exceptional. As we've desired new features or added new people to our program committee Linklings has been great at implementing those features, fixing bugs rapidly, or helping address new user questions.
D. Hancock President | Cray User Group, Inc.

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