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Committee Support Add-on

A feature-rich, internal-type website for conference committee members.
Committee Meeting Planning

Planning, inviting and tracking

Committee Lists

Organized and detailed member lists

Committee Document Archive

Online document storage

Mail Lists and Aliases

Facilitate communication

Committee Meeting Planning

Easily plan meetings, invite committee members, and track RSVPs for each meal and event.

How much money do you waste at your planning meetings by not knowing how many people will show up for each meal? This flexible module allows the meeting planner to send out invitations; track attendance and meal counts; provide important information (such as lodging, transportation, agenda, etc.); and collect/share travel plans.

Committee Lists

Create organized and detailed member lists that make contact information easily obtainable.

Keep track of who is on which committee, and with role-based permissions, granting access on a large scale is accomplished with just a few mouse clicks.

Committee Document Archive

Online document storage and wiki pages to help with sharing and cross-year continuity.

With the turnover in committee each year, there is a crucial need for mechanisms to pass on the lessons learned. Our document archive provides a central location for wiki page creation, document, template, and logo storage, complete with powerful search and browse capabilities. It includes the ability to set access and editing permissions to documents.

Mail Lists and Aliases

Create custom lists of email addresses for specific committees or individuals (such as committee chairs).

Facilitate communication within your committee with moderated mail lists. Facilitate questions from authors to your chairs with spam-filtered mail forwarding.

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Include any of our add-ons with our featured Submission and Review package. Select any of the links below for more information.

Submission and Review Package

A paper management system that supports most any submission and review process, including the most rigorous peer review processes.

Online Program Add-on

A responsive and mobile friendly online program that can be added directly into your event website

Infrastructure Add-on

Use your resources effectively to make the best possible setting for your presenters and attendees.

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