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Online Program Add-on

A responsive and mobile friendly online schedule that can either be embedded directly into your event website or can stand alone.
Mobile App Replacement

Skip the Mobile App

My Agenda

All inclusive personal agenda

Live Questions

Real-time Q&A service

Built-in Session Evaluations

Gather feedback

Happening Now

Here, now, and the near future

Program Search

Find it faster

Online Program Examples

See some recent online programs in action.


SIGGRAPH Asia 2020

SC20 Conference

ISC'20 High Performance Program

SIGGRAPH Asia 2019

SC19 Conference

ISC'19 High Performance Program

PASC 2019

Mobile App Replacement

Replace the mobile app with a responsive, easily accessible, and mobile friendly online program. Our online program provides an alternative approach with most of the benefits of having a custom-built mobile app.

My Agenda

Complete session details and speaker profiles can be found within the Agenda feature. Best part is, attendees won’t have to create an account or login to use it. As items are flagged within the program, they’re added to the “My Agenda” page where attendees can refer back to or export into their personal calendars.

Live Questions

Let’s face it, it’s easier to submit a question from a smartphone than to get up and ask it in front of a crowd. Engage the audience with this collaborative question and answer service for conferences, presentations, and other live events.

Questions are seen in real-time as they are submitted, and the audience can vote on those of interest. The highest voted questions are moved to the top of the list for the presenter or moderator.

Built-in Session Evaluations

Looking to gather feedback and the overall satisfaction of the event? Attendees have easy access to fully-customizable evaluation forms to help planners make events the best that they can be.

Happening Now

Provide your attendees an area where they can see what’s going on right now and in the near future so they don’t miss a beat.

Program Search

Everyone does things differently, and looking up a session or presentation is no exception. Providing attendees with several different ways to find what they’re looking for helps to make everyone happy.

In addition to providing presenter and organization indexes (complete with lists of presentations, biographies, profile pictures and more), this handy search capability pops-up results, highlighting terms as typed. Results are split between different indexes, such as presentation, presenter and organization, making it easier and faster for attendees to find what they’re looking for.

Have we piqued your interest?

Include any of our add-ons with our featured Submission and Review package. Select any of the links below for more information.

Submission and Review Package

A paper management system that supports most any submission and review process, including the most rigorous peer review processes.

Committee Support Add-on

A feature-rich, internal-type website for conference committee members.

Infrastructure Add-on

Use your resources effectively to make the best possible setting for your presenters and attendees.

This is just a sampling of what Linklings offers.

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